Asymmetric Games

Asymmetric games are games in which rules and game materials vary for different players yet all players have an equally fun gaming experience. The Asymmetric Games project by Tacit Dimension aims at the development of game design principles in the genre of urban and street games which enable the inclusion of players with varying physical and mental abilities. Asymmetric games should for example enable disabled and not disabled siblings to autonomously play together with all players having a tactical or strategical role in the gameplay.

In contrast to games in educational or therapeutical context the main motivation for playing asymmetric games is the fun game experience of everyone involved. Nonetheless asymmetric games can be designed with educational or therapeutical impact in mind.

Recent activities:

Development of a modified version of the game Connect 4 two accommodate two players with very different playing skills in cooperation with Eszter Harsányi (Magic Me founder).

Cooperation with the master program Strategic Design at Designakademie Berlin: facilitation and incubation of student projects  to develop games and concepts for their implementation and scaling.