Size & shape of the playing field

Size & Shape of The Playing field is a research workshop series running in various cities. It explores the question to what degree geodata reflects the street-level experience of a respective urban area.

What does data about the position of each single tree in the city tell us about how far I can see when walking down the street of that city? What does the position and time-table of a bus stop tell us about how crowded that street feels?

Adopting the approach or ‘research through design’ workshop participants are exposed to a shared urban gaming experience and involved in a co-design activity with the aim to generate knowledge by designing. The urban game played in the workshop is Operation Noose and the design challenge is the creation of the ideal playing field for Operation Noose. The materials for the co-design session involve a paper map, some small objects for marking the map and online sources of geodata available for the respective urban area.

  • Format: Research workshop
  • Partners: various
  • Activities: play, design, reflect
  • External website: Size & Shape microsite

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