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Horror Vacui is a visual street game commissioned by the exhibition Tomrom at Sandefjord Arts Forum, Norway and premiered on May 9th 2015 in Sandefjord.

Horror Vacui is creating landscapes devoid of living persons. Players use the camera of their mobiles to create a visual impression of a deserted urban landscape. They fight against players who are trying to populate these landscapes. The game conveys the contrasting experience of bustling affairs and emptiness.

Story: The establishment of the Void rules the world. The Void Agents patrol the cities to reproduce landscapes devoid of any human beings. Yet there still exist people with a severe horror vacui syndrome, the Void Phobics. They are driven by the need to sabotage the efforts of the Void Agents to record deserted landscapes. The fight of these two forces for visual dominance never stops!

Players: 2-3.
Duration: 13 minutes
Playing field: two or three street blocks

Back of rulecard with in-game camouflage stick