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Operation Noose is a smartphone-based chasing game, originally designed for the The Maldivian Exodus Caravan Show.  The game explores the vague difference between place and location and is about seeing and being seen on a map. Players use WhatsApp as an easily accessible platform based on the inbuilt ‘share location’ and ‘share place’ functions, exploiting the playful potential of varying accuracy of positioning.

Story: An intruder landed in your country. She has been located in your district and is on the run now. It is up to you and your special force buddies to arrest her by tightening the noose and closing the trap. But be aware! The intruder has tapped into your communication network. She knows what you know. She can outmaneuver your tracing equipment and render it less accurate. Can you and your special force buddies prevent the Intruder from escaping by using group strategy, intuition and local knowledge?

Participants: 4-14 players
Duration: 45 min (incl. setup)
Playing area: neighbourhood of approximately 7×7 streets
Requirements: Internet enabled smartphone running WhatsApp Messenger