Silvio Meier Experience


The Silvio Meier Experience is a tour-like format with 5 mini games developed in cooperation with Dönerkind launched August 2014 @ Berlin Friedrichshain

The Silvio Meier Experience is an educational format about the spirit of opposition throughout the 20th century history of Friedrichshain. It makes history tangible by installing thematic games at urban sites associated with historical events. Topics include: communist opposition against Horst Wessel’s men in the 40ies; Workers at Karl-Marx-Alle against the East German government in the 50ies; East German intellectuals against the Stasi in the 80ies; Squatters against riot police in the 90ies; legal Squatters against real estate developers in the 00ies.

Duration: 3 hours
Participants: ca. 15 players
Playing area: Berlin Friedrichshain
Requirements: Guided tour with playing materials